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Snoring and Teeth Grinding Treatments at Arena Dental

Your oral anatomy and muscle memory, along with a stressful lifestyle, can lead to problems like teeth grinding (bruxism) and snoring. Fortunately, custom bite splints and snoring appliances are something that we can fit you with to minimise unwanted complications.
Woman waking up with jaw pain

Management for Bruxism

Chronic teeth clenching and grinding are usually subconscious habits that happen during the day or while you sleep. They are often linked to stress. The engaging of the TMJ and muscles cause the teeth to wear against one another, gradually creating flat, worn teeth, broken dental work and TMJ disorder.

Wearing a teeth-grinding splint trains the TMJ muscles to relax, lessening muscle tension and eliminating tooth wear. Mouth guards are also helpful if you have chronic headaches and migraines.

Since your teeth are the strongest structures in your body, they’re capable of wearing each other down if you clench and grind your teeth routinely. We may recommend having a bite splint made if you’ve recently invested in cosmetic dental work like porcelain crowns or veneers to help protect your smile.

Woman with pillow over ears next to man snoring

Problems Snoring? We Can Help!

Snoring is an audible symptom of anatomical airway blockage. Depending on the type of sleep-disordered breathing that you have, we may need to fit you with a snore guard or SomnoMed® sleep apnoea appliance.

These particular mouthpieces guide your lower jaw in a way that naturally opens the airway at the back of your mouth. When you wear them, your body can bring in more oxygen without the vibration of the soft tissues (which are what causes the snoring).

All You Need Is an Impression

Book an appointment to have a mould taken of your teeth. We can have your new teeth grinding or snoring appliance ready within a few days.

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