If you have lost some, or all of your natural teeth, there are several options available for replacing them. Dentures are artificial teeth that are bonded to a plastic base (Acrylic). Depending on the requirements of the individual, they can be partial, full, immediate or over – denture.

Here at Arena Dental our dentists will assess your needs thoroughly examine your mouth for suitability dentures looking at:

  • All your existing teeth, checking for mobile teeth as these may have to be removed prior to having new dentures.
  • Looking at existing filling and crowns etc.
  • The heath of your gums to make sure there is no infection present.
  • Your bite
  • And if you have no natural teeth assessing your gums and underlying bone.

Dentures have both practical and cosmetic benefits: they can improve everyday tasks like speaking and eating, while also providing a natural looking smile.

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